About American Horizons Group

American Horizons Group is a developer of specialty residential ‘lifestyle’ communities. We design and develop communities that cater to specific target groups whose needs are not being met in their geographic areas.

Skye View Heights is a residential community in Endicott, NY designed to accommodate residents 55 and older who are ready to live their retirement and senior years out in peace and comfort. People who are in this demographic segment have needs and desires that are more specific than those of the general public. As such, a 55 and older community must be designed to afford its residents with convenience in their daily lives. “Elder Friendly” considerations in construction and design are paramount. Our target customers want single level living areas. They want to eat, relax, entertain and sleep on the same level. Doors should be wider. Doorknobs and faucets should be lever style. Washing and drying clothes should be done within the home and not in a basement or in another building. The garage should be accessed from within the home so there’s no getting wet in the rain or getting cold in the winter. Bathrooms should have large, walk-in showers with benches so you don’t have to step over a bathtub to get in. All in all, we want to give our retirement residents the privacy and comfort of a home… not an apartment experience.

At American Horizons Group, we understand that one size does not fit all for senior living. We design and build to meet the specialized needs of our target customer.

Skye View Heights is designed and built to accommodate residents 55 and older in during their senior years. Convenience, comfort and a stable neighborhood are the keys to satisfied customers and we are pledged to meet those needs. Take a look at what we have to offer. We think you’ll like what you see.